Best tamil dubbed animated movies list


Best tamil dubbed animated movies list.Here is themovieflex network provide top5 tamil dubbed animated movie list.Dhira, Kochadaiyaan,Inimey Nangathon,lava kusa:the warrior twins and teddy.

Best tamil dubbed animated movies list.

1 -Dhira


3-Iniey Nangathan

4-Lava kusa the warrior twins



1-Dhira tamil dubbed animated movie.


Dhira is an originally tamil animated movie.Arun kumar Rapoula is the director and writer of this movie.This movie originally released in December 2020.Amazon prime is the ott platform where it can be releases first.


Dhira movie story


200 years a brilliant man lives in a plot.He is the advisor of the king.He is praiser for his strategies. He have won many wars by his skill and brilliance.This story is based events happening around the kingdom.This movie originally released in December 2020. Best tamil dubbed animated movies list.

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Kachadaiyaan movie


Kachadaiyaan means the king with a long ,curly mane.kochadaiyaan is a tamil animated action film which is released in 2014. K.S Ravikumar is the writer and soundarya R.Ashwin is the director of this movie.It is the first photorealistic motion capture film produced in india.Soundarayas father has voiled two leads role and one surprise role in the final act.

Deepika Padukone and Shobana (malayalam actress) performed the female roles.Aadhi and Jackie Shroff perform supporting character. R sarathkumar, Rukmini Vijaykumar and Nassar had voiced their own characters.This is the story that follows the quest of 8th century fighter who seeks revenge after unlawful punishment to his father.His father is a good- hearted warrior in his kingdom. Best tamil dubbed animated movies list.

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Sournadary Rajinikanth is the director of the movie Kochadaiyaan.Sunil Lulla,Sunanda Murali Manohar are the producer of this movie.Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Shobane and Aadhi are the starrings of the movie. A.R Rahman and Amitabh bachhan are the voice artist. A.R Rahman is the Musician of this movie.

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Rana a young boy who hails from the kingdom of kottaipattinam leaves his family. He despite his twin brother sena. The boy meets an accident while rowing in a river and Is discovered by fishermen from the nearest kingdom of kalingapuri .


Inimey Nangathan movie


Inimey Nangathan means hear after we are. It is a tamil movie released in 2007.Venky Baboo is the director of Inimey Nangathan movie.It is the first tamil animated film.this film went unnoticed due to lack of big stars.

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Venkybaboo is the director of this movie. b.sridevi is producer and Venkybaboo is the writer of this movie.3D models are the Starrings of the movie.Illarayaja is the Musician. B.lelin and Venkybaboo are the editor of this movie.The release date of this movie is 14 September 2007. Best tamil dubbed animated movies list.




Varadhi, Vichu,Govinda and Vaithi are 4 friends and they earn by doing kathakalakbhepam. They wants to became a rich and powerful person.They meet a old lady and he tells them to meet Swamiji.The Swamiji agree to help these four friends but on one condition. They should retrieve a holly neckless from Rakbhabas who lives in a love .




M.S Bhaskar acts as Vichu.Paandu ab varadhu,vasu Vikram as Vaithi and maaran as Govind.


Lava kusa: The warrior twins


Lava kusa:The warrior twins is a animated movie released in 2010.Dhavala satyam is the director and producer of Lava kusa.

Kanipakam creation and RVML animation are the production company. L.Vaidyanathan is the Musician of this movie. Kanipakam creation is the distributer . It was released in 8 October 2010.




Sita is the mother of Lava and Kusa.They were born in Valmiki hermitage. They grew up learning and the importance of Ramayana.They started learning of master the art of war by using weapon from the guidance of Valmiki. This story goes to the thriler childhood experiences with action,comedy and magical power.


On invitation Lava and kusa are wants to go Ayodhya for recite Ramayana infront of The king Ram. Here they are know that mata sita was send to vanavas by The Lord Ram.They are became anger after know that over Rama.


Lord Ram prepare Aswamesha yagna for the pleasure of his kingdom and send a horse to forest, which finally reaches at Lava and Kusa.They were caught the horse and wants to war against Ayodhya Empire.


Teddy movie


Teddy is a tamil action thriller animated movie.Teddy released in 2021.Shakti sundar Rajan is the writer and director of this movie.A teddy bear is the special character in this movie.Arya and Sayyesha feature in lead roles.Sakshi agrawala,Satish and Magizh thirumeni acts as supporting roles in this movie.

D. imman is the music composer of this movie. K.E Gnanavel Raja is the producer works under studio green.It is the first tamil film to use indian animation comapany to design special animated character after Kochadaiyaan. It releases world wide on hotstar on 12 March 2021. Best tamil dubbed animated movies list.




A college student named Srividya is travelling in a bus then suddenly she got a minor accident. She treated in a hospital and got kidnapped by hospital staff.

Teddy movie Wikipedia

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