Rasathi serial actress list.

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Rasathi is an Indian Tamil language telivision series. It is a Soap opera. Raj Kapoor (Episode 1–28), B.Babusivan (Episode 28–110) and A. Jawahar (Episode 111–160) are the directors of this series.


Starring are Devayani, Debjani Modak, Baladithya and Vichithra. Debjani is the Rasathi serial actress name. It has 1 season and 160 episodes in tamil language.

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Anbuselvan Nandhini is the executive producer. A.Anburaja is the producer. Each episodes have 20-22 minutes. Sun Entertainment and A R Film World are the production company. Rasathi serial actress list.


Sun TV is the original network of this series. It was released in 23 September 2019.


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Rasathi serial actress and actors list.


Devayani, Pavani Reddy, Aditya, Vichithra, Senthil, Sulakshana, Keerthi Jai Dhanush, Thennavan, Vijayakumar, Nithya Ravindran, Reena, Manoj Kumar, Sivan Sreenivasan, Meena Vemuri, Sabari, Subalakshmi Rangan, Rohith, Usha Sai , Mahesh Subramaniam, Pollachi Babu , Sonia Agarwal, Gopichand, Disha Pandey and Manobala.





Devayani acts as Illavarasi Soundravalli. Pavani Reddy play the role of Rasathi for 1-100 episodes and Debjani Modak play the role of Rasathi for 101-160. Aditya acts as Rajadurai/Pandian. Vichithra play the role of Chinthamani.

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Senthil acts as Alagarswamy. He is the uncle of Rasathi. Sulakshana play the role of Alamelu. She is the adoptive mother. Keerthi Jai Dhanush acts as Kayal Shiva. She is the daughter of Chinthamani.



Thennavan and Ramesh Pandit acts as Rasappan. They’re the stepbrother of Rasathi. Vijayakumar acts as Shanmugasundaram. He is the father of Rasathi.


Nithya Ravindran acts as Saraswathi. She is the wife of Shanmugasundaram. Reena acts as second wife of Shanmugasundaram. Manoj Kumar acts as Chintamani’s brother.

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Sivan Sreenivasan acts as Tharmahartha. Meena Vemuri play the role of Sudamani. She is the sister of Chintamani. Sabari acts as Shiva. He is the son of Alagarswamy. He also husband of Kayal.


Subalakshmi Rangan acts as Menaka Madhavan. She is the daughter of Sudamani and wife of Madhavan. Rohith acts as Santhosh. Usha Sai play the role of Kalyani. Mahesh Subramaniam acts as Madhavan. He is the 2nd brother of Soundaravalli.

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Pollachi Babu acts as Anjoor. Sonia Agarwal acts as Priya/Rashi/Kaveri. Gopichand acts as Sethupathi/Balamurugan. Disha Pandey play the role of Adithya’s wife. Manobala acts as Aadithya. Rasathi serial actress list.

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