Tamil dubbed top 10 historical fantasy movie

Tamil dubbed top 10 historical fantasy movie. These top 10 movies are Seventh son, season of witch, Pompeii, 47 Ronin, God of Egypt, immortals, Hercules, exodus and clash of the Titans.

Tamil dubbed top 10 historical fantasy movie list.

1-Seventh son
2-season of witch
4-47 Ronin
5-God of Egypt,
9-clash of the Titans

1-Seventh son movie tamil dubbed.

Seventh son movie is a 2014 American fantasy movie. Here the director is Sergei Bodrov. The starting are Ben Barnes, Jeff bridges, Alicia vikander and Julianne Moore. This movie is based on 2004 novel “The spooke’s apprentice”. Which is written by Joseph Delaney. This movie originally released in 17 december 2014 in Canada. And in 6 February 2015 it released in United States. This movie is of $114 million budget film. In first it’s official language is English.

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Jeff bridges acts as master Gregory. Ben Barnes asTam ward. Julianne Moore acts as mother malkin, Alicia vikander as Alice. Antje traque as bony Lizzie. Olivia Williams as mam ward etc…..


In 1572 ad the mother malkin is released underground by Gregory. The falicons, who have long defended human being against supernatural power. After several decades, Gregory works as a “spooke” (roving hunter).


2-Season of the witch movie


Season of witch is a 2011 supernatural action American movie. The director is Dominic sena. The starring are Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. Teutonic knights star Cage and Perlman who return from the crusades for find their home which is ruined by the black death. 2 church elders suspense a girl for this destruction. They ordered the knights to transport the girl to a monestry so the monks can lift her curse from this land.

This movie is written by Bragif schut. The starring in this movie are Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Graham, ulricn Thomsen, Robert Sheehan and Christopher Lee. The musician is atli orvarsson. This movie editor are mark helfrich and Dan Zimmerman. Atlas Entertainment is the production company. This movie released originally in 4 january 2011 in new York. And 7 january 2011 in United States. Tamil dubbed top 10 historical fantasy movie.

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3-Pompeii movie


The movie Pompeii is a romantic historical disaster movie releases in 2014. This movie is an international co-production between Germany and Canada. Paul w.s Anderson is the producer of the movie Pompeii. Pompeii movie is based on a real fact story on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. That destroyed “Pompeii” (a city of Roman Empire).

The movie starring are kit Harington, Carrie- Anne moss, Emily Browning, Akinnuoye- agbaje, Jessica Lucas, Jared Harris and Kiefer Sutherland. The musician is Clinton shorter. This movie editor is Michelle conday. Constantin film and impact pictures are the production company of this movie. This movie originally released in 18 February 2014 in Buenos Aires, 21 February 2014 in north america and 27 February 2014 In Germany. This movie budget is $80-100 million.Tamil dubbed top 10 historical fantasy movie.

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4-47 RONIN movie


The movie 47 Ronin is a fantasy action movie releases in 2013. It is a American movie. The director is Carl Rinsch. Chris Morgan and Hossain Amini are the writer of this movie. This movie is a work of “The treasure of loyal retainers”, serving as a fixed account of “A real life group of samurai ” under Naganori in 18th century in Japan. This movie starring are Keanu Reeves, hiroyuki sanada, tadanobu asano, Rinko kikuchi and koshibasaki.

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This movie is not original historical epic movie. H2F Entertainment, mid Atlantic films, moving picture company, stuber production and relativity media are the production companies of this movie. This movie is originally released in 6 december 2013 in Japan and 25 december 2013 in United States. United States is the origin country of this movie. This movie releases in two languages these are English and Japanese.Tamil dubbed top 10 historical fantasy movie.

5-God of Egypt
6- immortals
8- Exodus
9-clash of the Titans

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